Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Tribute

It makes me sad to miss ALL of 2014! Here's a few pics and short stories I couldn't pass over that helps tell our year to some extent.

Derrick got to attend both Bronco playoff games with his dad! Such great fun, football and bonding time!

In Kindergarten, Kai got honored with the character trait of the month "Responsibility!" He was also awarded this again in 1st grade for "Initiative!" We're proud that he's a man of strong character and glad they recognize it at school! Here he is standing next to his picture in the hallway for recognition!

Derrick and I attended PRHS Prom again for the second year!! Actually we just chauffeured for Aunt Mimi and friends. It was so fun seeing them get all dazzled up and enjoy the evening together. Sure made us feel old though ;) Do you like the tuxedo attire??

Easter 2014 family pic

Eli graduated from his balance bike to pedals in the Spring 2014 at age 3, almost 4. He was not about to be left in the dust on the bike path by his big brother all summer long! He is so fast and is already needing something BIGGER and FASTER for this next summer!

We loved our first visit to CO from cousin Olen at ~6 months old and then a second visit over Labor Day weekend. The kids were at his side the ENTIRE time he was here! They loved leading the tour at Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo, swimming with him at the YMCA and just playing at home!!

Addie on her 5th birthday with Daddy. She had a FROZEN tea party with about 8 girlfriends at home.

The cousins collaborated with special shirts for Aunt Mimi's H.S. graduation! It was amazing with all of them together when you factor in age and height!! Here's all of them left to right: Drew 9, Kai 6, Issac 6, Ella 5, Addie 5, Eli 3, Tessa 2.

Just too cute! Daddy and Eli. Nice mohawk!

Eli the Superhero skateboarder?!

Camping in the Bighorn Mountains with friends in July!

Addie and Gavin working together on stick, rock and moss collection from the forest floor.

Carving with a knife!!?!?!? Kai's loving every second!  We camped right near this field for the best view in WY on unloading 5 semi-trucks full of cattle!! Very entertaining for us all....AND stinky!

Botox vs food allergy? Addie's scary allergic reaction during an Asian food lunch. Addie had 26 shots to figure out the lip swelling. There's not been many conclusive results after skin and blood tests. We think it was from imitation crab--which is basically the hot dog of all seafood!!! We haven't been eating much Asian cuisine since.

Addie started 1/2 day Kindergarten at James Irwin with Kai! She was so excited to start! Now she is pumped she can READ!!!!!  (A cute note: her New Years Resolution--wake up for school happier :))

Kai and Derrick hiked the Manitou Incline on the last day of summer! He did amazing! 

Enjoying the morning walk to school together!!

Eli has Mrs. Roth for Pre-K--an Unrein for the 3rd year in a row!

His new love and sport! Kai spend all summer skating with Derrick at ministry events and camps! He got a new board and helmet for his birthday. He's really improved his skills too! He can now drop-in!!

Kai's 7th birthday party at Ponderosa! About 5 families roasted hot dogs and smores over the fire and played outside in the woods! Then 2 friends and their dads stayed overnight with Kai, Eli and Derrick in a yurt. Man time!! 

Fall leaves! We headed into the mountains to view colors and hike. We had a picnic, skated in the mountain skateparks, and ended up in Breckenridge for a sweet treat. A very nice day together!

A rainy walk. Nothing but cute.

bros. buds. skaters. love them.

An unexpected trip to Florida in October. We prayed through trading mountains for beaches. Mountains it is! Long story but just ask.

Halloween 2014. 2 indians and a mermaid.

The boys tried YMCA basketball for the first time! This is Eli's game face.

Scout wore this cone of shame for 4 weeks. YUCK! She is all better now.

This was the year of Frozen's Anna and Elsa. Addie prefers Elsa. I think it mostly has to do with the preferred outfit and long braided hair! Here's her new dress ups!!!
So I know I missed a TON of great milestones, funny moments, precious faces, adventures and more, but hoping to keep up a little better this next year. Starting 2015 out with a BANG!

And We're Back.....Happy 2015

Ok, I realize it's 2015 and we've basically been M.I.A (missing in action) for quite some time on this blog. My hope is, with improved technology around this place, that we will get a few more posts to keep a lifeline for those of you peeking in from time to time.

This holiday season flew by, filled with much joy and sorrow.  After this last special visit in the hospital during our Thanksgiving visit (pictured below), Grandpa Ernie passed away from complications after a broken hip and replacement. I'm super grateful for this special last encounter with him and that I was able to tell him I loved him and give him kisses. His memory will alway be with me. He was celebrated and honored well by family and friends together in mid Dec 2014 and he will be greatly missed by many!
In our mid Dec visit to SD we were healthy enough to spend time with all the family in town for the funeral including the newest member, Reggie! Addie was so excited to snuggle him and is looking forward to future "babysitting!"
 All the kids had Christmas programs at school this year! Kai had a special speaking part in his 1st grade program in which he did EXCELLENT memorizing and performing with hardly any practice at home. Addie practiced her songs over and over before the program at home, in the car, in the bath and while playing!! She knew them VERY well! Unlike Kai in pre-K (who focused on NOT making any eye contact), Eli smiled and made proud faces at us all through his preschool Christmas program! He had one proud happy momma! His class had a party for Jesus with treats afterwards as pictured below.
 The "girls" (Scout and Addie) sprawling on the new IKEA rug together in front of the tree on Christmas Eve. It is always so cozy!
 Eli posing on Christmas morning while opening gifts! He's sporting his new penguin sk8 pjs he got at an earlier Christmas celebration!
 It's all business with Kai and his new MEGA Nerf gun on Christmas morning. Thanks Aunt Kelly and Uncle Reid and Olen!
 The pic below is attempting to catch the Christmas outfits after church on Christmas Eve. I always forget. What a good looking crew in their assortment of red plaids!
We were able to celebrate Christmas on multiple occasions this year! We "faked" Christmas with gift exchanges on both trips to SD between Nov and Dec. We had a special Unrein family gathering and meal at Uncle Chad and Aunt Jenna's house right before Christmas and then gathered with extended family on Christmas Day in Denver. It was great to be able to spend Christmas Eve at home with friends from CA to just hang, play games, and enjoy new friends!

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!
Derrick and I ended up doing a "staycation" for our anniversary due to weather but enjoyed every second together without kids and chaos! We enjoyed Melting Pot fondue (thanks to Papa and MooMoo), movies, our first but hopefully not last couples massage, coffee together and good books. Can't wait to see what the next 10 years holds.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall 2013

I love Fall. 
It was a beautiful season this year around here....sun, leaves, warm days and crisp nights. We grew 3 small pumpkins in our garden this summer, actually that's ALL we grew. The pumpkin vines took over our garden AND yard. However, the proud kids of the "homemade" pumpkins on our front steps was well worth it! Mind you, these pumpkins pictured here are bought from our neighborhood farm, the grown ones were much, much smaller!

Carving pumpkins for our porch
These two enjoying the front yard swing together, with no arguing, yelling, or sass. It's days like this moms live for!
Sharing the swing, problem solved.

Addie started dance class this year at preschool. She is LOVING it! She is especially fond of her ballet outfit she changes into for each class. It is no easy task looking this beautiful and prepared for class in 5 minutes after school is out, especially when daddy is in charge of helping with tights (however, he IS amazing like that and it gets done)!
Addie ballerina in her proper attire

Derrick and I took a vacation together without the kids for a WHOLE WEEK since...........well, never. We attended the Action Sports Ministry Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a few days and then stayed an extra 2 days together in addition. The conference was super encouraging and refreshing! It was amazing in all ways. Need I say more.
Florida sunrise. Just wanna go back.
While in Florida, we got to see some long lost friends who maintain a beautiful yacht......yes, that is their job. It was a whole new world for us. So fun to catch up and eat REAL seafood!
Attempting the "high life" on a yacht in Ft. Lauderdale.
My brother, Reid and sister-in-law, Kelly had Olen Quinn in September. Our kids got to meet their new cousin while staying the week with grandpa and grandma in SD. Addie especially bonded with him and gave him some love!
Addie lovin' on new cousin, Olen Quinn.

Hansen grandparents dive into babysitting all 4 grandkids together!
Kai turned 6 this fall! Crazy that that is even possible. He is psyched on his new bike! It has come in handy riding on the trails near our house and riding to and from kindergarten that is 2 blocks from home.
Kai's 6th birthday bike!
He also is sold out to skateboarding since attending camps with dad this summer. He has been practicing in the garage and taking every chance at hitting the park with dad. He wanted his birthday party at the skate park.....his daddy is tickled about this passion.
6th birthday party at sk8 park.....including new camelback
There couldn't be a more perfect father/son day.....Broncos game! Derrick enjoyed the time together!
Derrick and his dad at the Broncos vs Redskins game!
We all spent Halloween in SD meeting Olen and hanging with family (2 trips in 1 month)! We trick-or-treated several blocks, which is the farthest we've ever gone. We got 3 pumpkins full of candy.....shesh! Great times!
My 3 "scouts" for Halloween in Rapid City.
Kai ready to earn some real badges as a boy scout.
We found girl scout and boy scout shirts at the thrift store, but then added our own patches we picked out from Hobby Lobby. Addie had not-so-traditional patches with pink princesses and a castle and the boys went with a more 'military feel' to their patches. Very fun to jazz them up though!
Wouldn't you buy cookies from this girl scout?? Addie's Halloween costume.

My lil homies hangin' at the sk8 park 
Just love that they enjoy hanging there. Watch out peeps....we got some lil rippers.